Welcome. I’m Lawrence M. Schoen. I’m a psychologist, an author, a publisher, a hypnotist, and a klingonist. This site is here to address that last item. You see, back in 1992 on something of a whim, I started the Klingon Language Institute. It was intended as a temporary venture, a distraction from the inevitable wait that accompanies an academic job search. Then the media found out about it and it exploded. Over the past two decades and more, it’s been my honor to act as something of an ambassador for this constructed language. I’ve spoken at museums and conventions across three continents and more than a dozen countries. I’ve edited the KLI’s official journal for the thirteen years of its run. I’ve published several books in translation (though let’s be clear, other Klingon speakers did the actual translating). I posted a daily podcast on the language for an entire year. And I’ve either organized or had a hand in every one of our annual conferences.

That’s the sort of thing you can expect to find him. News from the KLI, Klingon materials as they become available, details around the next conference, and so on. I’ve been pushing Klingon for over 20 years and it’s been a glorious experience, but alas, I don’t have the luxury of time I once did, and more and more responsibilities for the language’s use, exploration, and discussion belong to others. Which is as it should be. This site, I hope, will help to pass along that torch.

Lawrence M. Schoen, PhD

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